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Raya Brass Band and Ansambl Mastika: Greg Squared’s “Surprise” 40th Birthday Party

UPDATE: As of 6:30 pm on August 27th, we’re going to play this show! Come on out if you’re nearby for our very own hurricane party, Balkan style! We’ll let you know if plans change.

Saturday, August 27
9:00 PM
376 9th St (and 6th Ave), Park Slope, Brooklyn

Featuring members of Raya Brass Band and Ansambl Mastika

The long awaited time is here! International man-of-mystery and woodwind player extraordinaire “Greg” (not his real first name) “Squared” (not his real last name) called up everybody in Raya Brass Band and Ansambl Mastika a couple of months ago and asked us if we’d play at his “suprise” 40th birthday party. I’m not sure where the surprise comes in there, except maybe for all of us. You see, while Greg has always been candid about the year of his birth (1971), the exact day, until about 20 hours ago, has remained a heavily guarded state secret, known only to his girlfriend (sworn to secrecy) and presumably his parents (does he have parents? Is there a Mr. and Mrs. Squared?!?). While Greg gave us the utmost assurances that August 27th is in fact definitely NOT his true birthday, it took a recent controversial Novak column in the Washington Post to bring out the secret that…well, turns out his birthday was today, August 22nd. But come celebrate with us on Saturday anyway!