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New Year’s Eve, Raya Style at Barbes

“Woot!” – Don Godwin, Tuba

December 31: Raya Brass Band will be blowing in the new year with style, finesse and a whole bunch of hot Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek, Roma and original tunes. C’mon 2013!

After a few years off, the members of the Zagnut Cirkus Orkestar who now play in Raya Brass Band are pleased to be returning to Barbes to countdown to 2013 with chests stuck out, legs lifted high and arms overhead in true Balkan dance stylee. We will rock out to some Macedonian tuba music courtesy of Don Godwin, sweet Roma style licks by saxophonist Greg Squared, soaring Serbian and improv jazz stylings by Ben Syversen on trumpet, rock steady beats and surprises from special guest Matt Moran, and me, Max, on the accordion and if you’re lucky, the Farfisa Transicord Deluxe for some deep Balkan dub and funk.

Do join us. We start at 10 or so and will go to 1 or so depending upon the scene. Yes? You’ll be there? Good!

Barbes is in Park Slope
How can you not know where it is?
If you’re that person that doesn’t:
$15 at the door