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Since 2008 Raya Brass Band has thrilled audiences with its energetic brand of soul shaking, border defying dance music. Given the way these five musicians electrify clubs, festivals, underground parties, and even subway cars with their riotous performances, it’s no wonder that they’re often mistaken for a band twice the size. The members of the band all bring their unique voices to the group, creating a sound informed as much by their love for the fierce and seductive music of the Balkans as it is by New Orleans brass bands, punk rock, out jazz, and a host of other international sounds. When they put it all together, this hard working band gets straight to the point, dancing, sweating, and shouting alongside its audience.



Golden Festival 2015

Raya Brass Band at Golden Fest 2015 - "Cucek na Sudahan"

Golden Festival is one of our favorite shows every year. With over 60 bands and thousands of attendees, the energy is contagious all night.

“Ivan’s Tune” at Littlefield

Raya Brass Band - Ivan's Tune - Littlefield, Brooklyn 11/30/13

Bringing the party to Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Coney Island Banya

Raya Brass Band at the Gemini & Scorpio Russian Baths Party Valentine's Night, 2010

Raya Brass Band plays *in* the jacuzzi at Gemini and Scorpio’s Steamy Valentine’s Night at Russian Banya, 602 Coney Island Ave, Kensington, BK, 2/13/10.


RAYA Album Release Show November 13, 2015

RAYA Album Release Show November 13, 2015

We're very excited about the release of our third album, called simply, RAYA. The band was formed and needed a name around the same time that Raya Ferholt-Wirz was born and we asked for permission from Raya's parents to name the band after her. Six and three quarter years later,[...]
RAYA, Our 3rd Official Album, Available for Pre-Order Now

RAYA, Our 3rd Official Album, Available for Pre-Order Now

It's a well known fact that Raya Brass Band's live shows immediately set hands clapping and hips swaying, transforming a music hall into a riotous and carefree dance party. With their fourth record, RAYA, the madly skilled New York City based sextet delivers another concentrated dose of ecstatic brass abandon.[...]
This Train Is Now

This Train Is Now

If you haven't heard it yet, check out our album, "This Train is Now," currently available digitally on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and more. We're very excited about it. We also have vinyl LPs! Come and get them at a show, or send us an email about placing an order. New York Music[...]
Raya Brass Band album release with Pitchblak Brass Band and West Philly Orchestra!

Raya Brass Band album release with Pitchblak Brass Band and West Philly Orchestra!

We are pleased to announce our album release party on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12 at the Ukrainian National Home in the East Village. And we're very excited that our friends in Pitchblak Brass Band and the West Philadelphia Orchestra are going to be joining us for the festivities. This is going to[...]
New Year's Eve, Raya Style at Barbes

New Year's Eve, Raya Style at Barbes

"Woot!" - Don Godwin, Tuba December 31: Raya Brass Band will be blowing in the new year with style, finesse and a whole bunch of hot Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek, Roma and original tunes. C'mon 2013! After a few years off, the members of the Zagnut Cirkus Orkestar who now play in Raya[...]


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Symphony Space – New York, NY – Thu Oct 11, 2018
Raya Brass Band Dance Party – New York, NY – Sun Feb 11, 2018
Raya Brass Band at Golden Fest 2018 – Brooklyn, NY – Sat Jan 13, 2018 - Sun Jan 14, 2018
Raya Brass Band Returns to Barbes! – Brooklyn, NY – Sat Jan 6, 2018
Littlefield – Brooklyn, NY – Fri Jun 16, 2017
Threes Brewing – Brooklyn, NY – Thu Jun 1, 2017
Bar Matchless – Brooklyn, NY – Fri May 19, 2017
Highline Ballroom – NY, NY – Wed Apr 19, 2017
The Windup Space – Baltimore, MD – Sun Apr 16, 2017
Three's Brewing – Brooklyn, NY – Thu Apr 6, 2017
Three's Brewing – Brooklyn, NY – Thu Mar 2, 2017
Industry City Distillery – Brooklyn, NY – Sat Feb 11, 2017
Three's Brewing – Brooklyn, NY – Thu Feb 2, 2017
Golden Fest – Brooklyn, NY – Sat Jan 14, 2017 - Sun Jan 15, 2017
Sunnyvale – Brooklyn, NY – Thu Jan 12, 2017
Raya Brass Band and Hearing Things – Brooklyn, NY – Sun Dec 11, 2016
Raya Brass Band with Greek Judas – New York, NY – Tue Nov 29, 2016