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The September Concert – Friday, Sept 10 – with Raya Brass Band and Others in Washington Square Park

Fri September 10th
The September Concert
Snehasish Mozumder’s Som
Kristin Hoffmann & Premik,
Amanda Davids, Arthur Lewis,
& Raya Brass Band

FREE CONCERT 2:30-5:30pm
Sponsored by &
The September Concert is a celebration of peace and humanity through music.

List of Performers & Schedule:
1:30pm Welcome SeptemberConcert / Clearwater / LREI
2pm Micah Dov & Arthur Lewis (soul)
Kristin Hoffmann & Premik Russell Tubbs (singer/songstress)
Snehasish Mozumder w/ Nick Gianni, Vin Scialla, Jason Lindner, Bopa King Carre & guests Premik and Deep Singh (doubleneck mandolin maestro, India)
Amanda Davids (toronto, soul-hiphop trio)
4:30 pm Raya Brass Band (balkan/gypsy brass band)

What is The September Concert?

The September Concert is a celebration of peace and humanity through music.
We invite musicians of every age and genre to come out and make music anywhere people gather. From parks, schools, churches, and office plazas, to cafs, restaurants, galleries, and libraries, concerts small and large have been offered free of charge every year on September 11th. Except for several public concerts our foundation produces ourselves, all concerts are produced by those who believe in the power of music to bring people together, to reaffirm our hope for peace, and to celebrate life and our universal humanity. In 2010, The 9th Annual September Concert will be held over three days, September 10th-12th.

September Concert is based on three basic principles:
Freedom to organize a concert of any kind;
Equality among different music and musicians; and
Accessibility – all concerts are free

The September Concert was born in 2002 as a small, local grassroots effort and has steadily evolved to be an event of global proportion with a mission to promote global peace. From Cap Haiten to Ukraine and Tokyo, we are now a network of over 200 concerts across the world. For complete listings of the most current event, please check Concert Listings page.

Thanks to the thousands of volunteers and musicians worldwide, and extensive media coverage both here and abroad, including CNN;, NY1, WCBS, and NHK, our message of peace through music is heard by millions. Together, we fill the skies with music and hopes for peace.