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Raya Brass Band Kickstarter Campaign Is Underway!

On a cold day a couple of years ago at the very beginning of the Raya Brass Band odyssey, we recorded our first album in the living room of our accordion player’s small apartment in Prospect Heights. After celebrating the two year anniversary of our band and our namesake, we went into a real studio and recorded the music for our next album. In two sessions we laid down 17 tunes and the results sound amazing! We’re part way into the mixing process now and are getting excited to hear the final results.

We had some money set aside to track and mix this album, but now we’re out and there’s a lot left to be done. We still have to master the album, pay for artwork, duplication, and publicity. If we raise enough money we’d love to put out a limited edition LP for those of you with turntables.

So, this is where YOU come in. Click the image below to find out more!