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Raya Brass Band @ The First Annual Massive Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! Sunday, Aug 1

The First Annual Massive Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to Benefit City at Peace

Date: Sunday, August 1, 2010 – 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Place: Tompkins Square Park, center circle

You’re coming, right?: RSVP

Be our guest!
There will be tea!
There will be delicacies!
There will be live music by Raya Brass Band!
There will be art!
There will be games!
there will be a white rabbit!
…and of course – there will be more fun than you can possibly consume in one sitting!

Tickets: Keep your eyes out for special Free Art Society playing cards scattered around the city. One must have a card to sit at the looooooong (60 seats) table. Tickets may also be obtained the day of the event by making a donation to “City at Peace.” Special VIP tickets will be given out at a FAS hat making workshop.

Hats: Start creating or seeking your most splendiferous hat! *guests must don a fabulous topper to join in the ceremonious festivities!

RSVP now.

You’re late!