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Eris Benefit on Friday, January 20 at Gowanus Ballroom

This Friday night at 9pm at the Gowanus Ballroom there is a great show for a great cause. All proceeds will go to the legal fees for the arrestees in last year’s Eris Parade in New Orleans. There is more info about that below, but first let us entice you with the show!
It will Feature
Tanya Solomon – mc and magic acts
Morgan O’Kane – shredding banjo and ferocious foot stomping
Veveritse Brass Band – brass tapestry inspired by Romany style
DJ Dusty Walker    booty shaking beats straight from the living room
Gltr Pnch    Riot Grrl inspired Trans-core Punk!!/gltrpnch
Billy & Casbur    frolicking malformations
Raya Brass Band  exuberant Balkan music from the village of Brooklyn
It will also be a night to celebrate our friend Sarah Blust’s catapult into the land of 40 somethings!
Show at 9pm, Friday January 20th, $10
Gowanus Ballroom is at 55 9th St in Brooklyn
By Subway go to 4th Ave(F, G) or 9th St(D, N, R)
Smith & 9th is closed!
Hope to see you there!
Here’s more info on the Eris Parade and what happened last year:
This show is a fundraiser for the legal defense of the 12 people arrested at the Eris Parade in New Orleans this past March. It is thrown by a group of musicians who were participating in the parade when the police shut it down.

For seven years the Krewe of Eris has rolled the Sunday before Mardi Gras. Musicians, artists, and puppeteers from all over the country travel down there every year to join creative forces with the amazing community of artists and musicians who live there. It is an unpermitted community parade with an open band that has been growing every year. This past Mardi Gras, the NOPD stopped the nonviolent parade and proceeded to wreak havoc by using tasers and pepper spray, manhandling attendees, and then arresting 12 people with charges which ranged from disturbing peace to resisting arrest to battery. One participant, a warm and quiet boy, was tased, his clarinet was broken, and his face was smashed so hard that he had to get corrective surgery for his broken cheekbone. For all of this, he got charged with battery of a police officer.  Help us help these folks!

If you can’t come yet are just yearning to support then visit !!!!

Below are links to some articles and videos about what happened:

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