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About Archive December 2015


“This Brooklyn collective gleefully upends traditional wedding music of the Balkans and Greece, undercutting regional reeds and brass with decidedly American funk pulse.”—New York Times

“Watch as five people conjure a massive party around them. Then see if you can resist the temptation to get up and start dancing. It’s pretty unlikely.”—Pop Matters

“The wild … stylings of this band invoked such a frenzy that several people questioned their own existence after their own souls leapt from their body and danced right out in front of them.”—What Weekly, Baltimore

“A wild ride of genre blending that doesn’t call it a night just because the sun is coming up.”-Midwest Record

“Unhinged energy and dizzying skill.”—New York Daily News

Since 2008 Raya Brass Band has thrilled audiences with its energetic brand of soul shaking, border defying dance music. Given the way these five musicians electrify clubs, festivals, underground parties, and even subway cars with their riotous performances, it’s no wonder that they’re often mistaken for a band twice the size. The members of the band all bring their unique voices to the group, creating a sound informed as much by their love for the fierce and seductive music of the Balkans as it is by New Orleans brass bands, punk rock, out jazz, and a host of other international sounds. When they put it all together, this hard working band gets straight to the point, dancing, sweating, and shouting alongside its audience.

Notable Performances: Kennedy Center Millennium Stage • Lincoln Center Out of Doors • Philadelphia Museum of Art • Le Poisson Rouge • Joe’s Pub • Webster Hall • Club Helsinki • New York Gypsy Festival • Golden Festival • Johnny Brenda’s (Philadelphia) • Littlefield • Mercury Lounge

Raya Brass Band is

Greg Squared – Saxophone
Ben Syversen – Trumpet
Matthew “Max” Fass – Accordion
Steven Duffy– Tuba
Nezih Antakli – Percussion
Rich Stein – Percussion


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Raya-Brass-Band-Promo-Shot-Fall-2013-001Photo Credit: Joel Barhamand

Raya-Brass-Band-Promo-Shot-Fall-2013-002Photo Credit: Joel Barhamand

Raya-Brass-Band-Promo-Shot-Fall-2013-003Photo Credit: Joel Barhamand

Raya-Brass-Band-Promo-Shot-June-2013-02Photo Credit: Reuben Radding

Raya-Brass-Band-Promo-Shot-June-2013-04Photo Credit: Reuben Radding

Raya-Brass-Band-Promo-Shot-June-2013-01Photo Credit: Reuben Radding

Raya-Brass-Band-Promo-Shot-June-2013-03Photo Credit: Reuben Radding


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Golden Festival 2015

Raya Brass Band at Golden Fest 2015 - "Cucek na Sudahan"

Ivan’s Tune

Raya Brass Band - Ivan's Tune - Littlefield, Brooklyn 11/30/13

Locks and Latches

Raya Brass Band - Locks and Latches - Littlefield, Brooklyn 11/30/13

For Mia

Raya Brass Band - For Mia - Littlefield, Brooklyn 11/30/13

Golden Festival 2012

Raya Brass Band

Golden Festival was off the hook in 2012 with over 60 bands. This video is from our Saturday night set in the Rainbow Room, playing “Riff Cloud.”

Coney Island Banya Party

Raya Brass Band at the Gemini & Scorpio Russian Baths Party Valentine's Night, 2010

Raya Brass Band plays *in* the jacuzzi at Gemini and Scorpio’s Steamy Valentine’s Night at Russian Banya, 602 Coney Island Ave, Kensington, BK, 2/13/10.